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 At the time of this writing, Bob Dylan has been with Columbia Records for 50 years. He has written about 600 songs, played more than 3,000 concerts in almost all parts of the world, and is keeping up a busy tour schedule of approximately 100 concerts per year – at the age of 70. Talk about artistic energy. 

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This CD is not a typical Bob Dylan hits collection. It’s a collection of fan favorites and rarely heard songs from basically all stages of Bob Dylan’s career, beginning with “Girl From The North Country” from 1963 through “This Dream Of You” from his latest album of original songs, TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE from 2009. All of the songs that we have chosen from the vast catalog of his oeuvre follow a musical path that in our opinion spells PURE, hence the title of this CD. While putting it together, we found it astonishing that the majority of these songs have not appeared on any previous Greatest Hits albums or retrospective collections, yet they belong to any definitive collection of the Dylan canon for most fans. It’s an album that can serve both as a starting point for a new fan and as a welcome gift for the experienced Dylan collector.

Hanns Peter Bushoff

The CD has a running time of 78 minutes and comes in a classy two-fold digipak with an 8-page booklet, containing the complete session credits. It was released in Germany/Austria/Switzerland October 21 on the occasion of Bob Dylan’s 2011 European tour.

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DylanjpgAm 24. Mai feierte Bob Dylan, Gottvater aller Songwriter und legendärste aller Rock-Legenden, seinen 70. Geburtstag, ab 16. Juni ist er wieder mal in Europa auf seiner von den Fans so genannten Never Ending Tour. Legacy Club ehrt den Mann, der sich bis heute auf der Bühne als “Columbia recording artist” ankündigen lässt, mit einer unregelmäßig erscheinenden Kolumne. Hanns Peter Bushoff, sturmerprobter Dylanologe und Inhaber eines ehrlich errungenem Doktortitels, führt die Feder – lesen Sie, was sie schon immer (nicht) über den Bobster wissen wollten!